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About Private Lending Investments

We specialize in the ability to structure each of the private loans to fit the client’s unique situation.

We offer a flexibility not found with a traditional lending institution. We are dedicated to keeping the process simple and quick.

Our years of experience in the Washington real estate industry allows us to respond quickly to a loan request. We are usually able to make a decision within a day or two. Funding can occur within a couple weeks.

In addition to new loans, we also offer the purchase of existing real estate loans.

Whether you are in search of financing for a real estate project or you are an investor looking for an investment opportunity secured by real estate, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and concerns.

We encourage you to contact us at 360-757-2462 or email us via our online form.

Private Lending Investments, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level efficient service to both the investor and buyer of our private loans. We take great pride in our level of communication with each client throughout every step of the loan.

Our Expert Team

We have teamed up to work together and offer the best service and expertise in the industry.

Jeff Langness

Jeff Langness

Jeff has been in the private lending industry for over 27 years and has been involved in well over 150 million dollars in private loans. He started his own business purchasing real estate contracts...
Shelly Langness

Shelly Langness

Business Operations and Development
Shelly began her career in the title insurance industry over 30 years ago. Her work experience includes examination of real estate titles and documents, title plant maintenance and underwriting.
Preston Langness

Preston Langness

Director of Business Development
Preston recently graduated cum laude from Washington State University with a BA in Integrated Strategic Communications. He believes strong communication is crucial for the success of every transaction.
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