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Our private investors benefit from our experience and knowledge of the current real estate market.

We take pride in finding the right borrower to pair with the correct loans from private lenders. We make sure all our clients, whether a borrower or investor, have their investment needs met. In our 50 plus years in this industry, we have seen the market’s ups and downs and are therefore able to make sound decisions about the loans we offer.

We believe communication is vital to the success of every transaction and we commit to be available to our investors throughout the life of the loan.

For our clients who prefer to use contract collection services, we are proud to partner with Evergreen Note Servicing.

Why invest in real estate loans?

Private money lending is perhaps the best way to tap into the lucrative potential of real estate investing. It allows you to secure your loan with real estate that is worth much more than the amount of money you invest. With a minimum “loan to value” requirement of 65%, your capital investment is very safe. All loans are backed with a title insurance policy protecting your lien position. The loans we fund include property development, rehab fix and flips, commercial property and new construction. These loans are typically short term, one to two years. This gives you a reliable, monthly cash flow during the term of the loan. When your loan is ready to pay off, we will have a new loan ready to keep your money working for you.

You may wonder why a borrower is willing to pay higher interest rates than are typically found at a traditional lending institution. In todays fast-paced real estate market, property investors need quick access to funds and flexibility that is not available with traditional lenders. A traditional loan can take months to close and can include a mountain of red tape and paperwork. The quick turn around on private loans allows a borrower to jump on investment opportunities as they arise.


Private Lending Investments, Inc. is dedicated to providing secure real estate lending opportunities for private investors seeking a high rate of return. Our private loans range from $50,000 to $1,000,000 with a typical yield of 8% to 11%.

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