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"My family has invested with Jeff for 20+ years. He is very trustworthy and always does whatever is needed to take care of our investments. I can count on him to always bring solid loans for my consideration. His follow up is second to none, if you need something he takes care of it. If I have a concern about a loan, he will call the borrower for me and make sure my questions and concerns are dealt with quickly."

Gail G.

"My name is Jeff Vlasic and I am a realtor in Bellingham, Washington. I have used Mr. Langness for several real estate transactions and would unequivocally recommend his services to anyone looking for funding."

Jeff Vlasic
Muljat Group Realtors

"I’ve been in the industry for 14 years as a licensed mortgage banker, and when it comes to private lending, I always start with Jeff Langness of Private Lending Investments. He is fair to his clients and his investors, and always works to make sure every deal works for all parties. Jeff’s knowledge of the industry is extensive, and he is well-known in the community as being a contributor and a leader. Jeff is my first choice – you should make him your first choice, too."

Dean Hayes
Bay Equity Home Loans

"I have worked with Jeff on over 25 real estate projects over the last 12 years and have borrowed in excess of 2 million dollars. He has delivered 100% of the time on his promises and to this day still performs above and beyond my expectations. Knowing someone I can count on has allowed me to move quickly on acquiring properties and there isn’t a price you can put on that. I highly recommend Private Lending Investments to anyone seeking private money."

Jamie Weber
Real Estate Developer

"We have been using Private Lending Investments for over 10 years on multiple real estate transactions. We can always count on Jeff to get our real estate transactions done in a professional and timely manner. We would highly recommend using Private Mortgage Investments for all of your investment needs."

Geri & Garret Cole
G&G Construction & Real Estate investments

"I was referred to Jeff by another person I trust, and have been working with PLI since 2014. 20 loans later, I am thoroughly pleased. I’ve had some experience with buying and servicing loans from bulk operators, and originating with PLI has been completely different. Accessibility is easy and without delay. It is clear that PLI builds long term relationships with both lenders and borrowers. I’ve had enough questions along the way to know that Jeff takes the initiative to handle any borrower communications needed. In my case, that’s been just tax filing details. (Collection has not been an issue for any of PLI’s placements with me.) In the handful of instances when I’ve interacted directly with the borrowers, it has been open and pleasant, without surprises. I recommend PLI highly. They know how to pick quality borrowers."

N. Harvey

"Jeff Langness with Private Lending Investments has been monumental to us in our real estate investing for over 20 years. He has closed deals for us when no one else would. He has a niche market that others can’t match. He has placed loans on depressed properties that are now high income producing properties that have gained substantial equity. Due to his numerous financial connections, he has been “the asset” to our financial growth. He has been successful in closing the deals with fair and reasonable terms. No matter how difficult the loan may be, he applies himself to the process of closing the deal. He is confident in his work, knowledgable in the process and trustworthy in his business dealings. We are very grateful to him for the loans he has provided us. Without his service, we would not have been able to financially progress in owning multiple rental properties. The traditional banking system is not favorable to many investors. Thank you for your service Jeff."

Janelle and Kevin
Everett, WA

"I have worked with Jeff Langness, in one capacity or another, for almost a decade. As Manager of INCS, I am so pleased to be able to continue this alliance with Private Lending Investments. INCS is a servicing company for private investment and seller financed loan. Due to the nature of our business, it is crucial that we develop relationships with quality brokers like Jeff. Based on past experiences it is clear that, like INCS, Jeff takes great pride in providing the highest quality care to his customers.

Our clients want to be assured that their investment is handled with the utmost care. INCS takes great pride in providing this level of service and wouldn’t be comfortable doing business with any company that didn’t share the same values. Jeff Langness is dedicated to his clientele, our community, and his role as a service provider.

I appreciate the continued care and response that we receive from Jeff Langness and would recommend his services to anyone."

Tracey Lockwood
Operations Manager, Independent Note & Contract Services, LLC
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